Italiannis Galerias Pachuca Mexico

Mexico celebrates the No. 94 Opening in Pachuca. Congratulazioni to all the team members!


Italianni’s restaurant has recently entered into a development partnership with Fine Spicess Brands LLC, which is expected to yield a whopping 200 new restaurant locations over seven years. “Our business model will adapt to the market. Fine Spices Brands sees the work we’ve put in so far, and the group of investors has confidence in… Read More

Italiannis Sin Pajilla Campaign

In the commemoration of World Environment Day, Italianni’s Guatemala joins to the world’s efforts for the protection and conservation of natural resources. With the launch of a campaign “Sin pajilla” Italianni’s Guatemala pretends to avoid the use of straws promoting the care of the Planet. “In the Italianni’s family, we believe in the importance of… Read More


Italianni’s Philippines is hitting the big 20. To celebrate, the restaurant is treating patrons to a seriously sweet deal. Mark your calendars for February 23 as their signature dish, the Chicken Italianni’s, will be offered at a special price. The promo will be available in all of its branches nationwide. You can also get the… Read More


Italianni’s restaurant is celebrating 20 years in Mexico, 20 years of sharing special experiences with million of guest in the country. As a part of the celebration for 2 decades in Mexico, Italianni’s has decides to offer some of the successful dishes in their campaing called “Los inolvidables” (Unforgettable dishes). Now a days, Italianni’s has… Read More


Last December 5th,  another Italianni’s opened its doors at the Multi Plaza Aragón. This opening is quite a milestone for the franchise since it turns to 52 the number of Italianni’s units in Mexico.


Italianni’s opens its doors in Morelia, Michoacán, at the Espacio las Américas shopping mall, where all Morelians will be able to enjoy delicious family cooking from Italy.

mona lisa

Within the framework of its XVthanniversary celebrations in Mexico, Italianni’s created the “La Mona Lisa del Mondo” program, in which more than 20 artists came together to reinterpret the legendary Mona Lisa painting to raise funds and gather support for the Sólo por Ayudar Foundation. The program included various activities such as special menu items… Read More

gran festa

With the launch of a culinary festival called “La Gran Festa Italianni’s”, the leading brand in informal Italian restaurants celebrates 15 years of preference by its diners. With typical dishes from the 5 regions of Italy and a raffle of big prizes such as gift certificates, a trip to Italy for 1 family and a… Read More


According to the survey carried out by the Leventer Group of consultants, Italianni’s is one of the brands with the highest loyalty index in Mexico. With 63% loyalty, above brands such as GNP Seguros, Starbucks, and Cinépolis, Italianni’s is in fourth place among the 10 brands with the most loyal customers.