Italiannis Sin Pajilla Campaign

In the commemoration of World Environment Day, Italianni’s Guatemala joins to the world’s efforts for the protection and conservation of natural resources.

With the launch of a campaign “Sin pajilla” Italianni’s Guatemala pretends to avoid the use of straws promoting the care of the Planet.

“In the Italianni’s family, we believe in the importance of generating ecological awareness in our consumers, through small changes such as our #ItaliannisSinPajilla campaign,” said Daniela Barrios, Marketing Manager at Italianni’s Guatemala.

The straws are classified as eternal waste because they are not biodegradable products, they are unnecessary, they generate toxicity, pollution and great demand for non-renewable resources such as oil.

The restaurant expects people to join #ItaliannisSinPajilla and help make a difference by reducing their use.

Remember that these plastic items cause death in birds and marine animals that ingest them due to the contamination that exists in oceans, rivers and lakes.